Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stupid Medi-cal

Is it even called that anymore? I keep getting letters saying it changed..well anyways this is war #8 for Medi-cal. I swear ever since I got pregnant, I've had a problem with medi-cal. Actually that's a little drastic. When I was pregnant up to when Jaz was 1, i've had good run ins with medi-cal. Up until they started changing the coverages and sending me to clinics, then it was on.

For me, medical insurance is pretty hard to get and is also in deep shit. It's a tough thing to weigh out. If i could, i would totally protest and walk out because of medi-cal but because this man owns it, it's not really easy. hehe.

So now my new war is renewal. Before, Renewal was every September Then June, for a while it was just September. So I filled the September and sent it. Then I get a letter yesterday saying they're going to terminate my medi-cal due to not renewing it in January. WHAT? Since WHEN did i have to renew it in January? Maybe i'm behind guys but this was a surprise for me.

Now i have to go into the battlefield and take on these lame people to keep my insurance


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