Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December please be better.

I can't believe it's the first of the month.  Aside from missing my court date *cough* *cough*, This month better be better then the last month.  This past year has been so crazy for me and November has been the worst next to September.  First, I get jumped from school to school for my job then when I settled into a new school that I absolutely loved and wanted to come back to, they switched me to the worst.  

I had the worst school with the worst manager and wanted to shoot her and her workers (not literally.)  Then my uncle dies and the whole family put aside the drama that has been unfolding for the past decade to act nice to each other.  After that, I get smack from the school i volunteer at and at my jobs headquarters I decided to quit.

yes, quit.

It was a hard decision for me.  This was the longest job that I have worked for in January it will be a year and a half.  Then suddenly a light came to me but i decided to put off the day I started to spend time with my daughter plus I never heard of the school.  So today when I went in, I loved it!  I wasn't the only sub at the school all of them were subs and the school was great!  I didn't even hear about it.  So since the light shined on me on the first of december, i am hoping that this month will be better.  My birthday in 15 days, christmas in 25, new years eve in 31 yeah you get the point.

Throughout it all I just have to look ahead and get my things done.