Thursday, April 15, 2010


Everyone has flaws. It could be, too much fat on your thighs, your unibrow growing in, even looking under the chin which has been my thing lately. My point is, most people need to see past their flaws

I look at myself in the mirror and i'm always picking out my face. ALL.THE.TIME. It's been a habit of mines since pimples entered my face. At first, i would just put cream and eyeliner that was it. But i realized that as i got older those pretty little pimples i used to pick out turned into baby scars then ugly red marks that make me look like i tweezed my face.

Then the eyebrows...oh lawdy lawd do NOT start with the eyebrows...Growing up i had a pretty good shape with my eyebrows but the bad thing was it was bushy, too bushy, i even had hair in the middle, I didn't like looking like uni-lady. I shaved my eyebrows off in middle school and drew on them even with pen sometimes (seriously.) and ever since then, my eyebrows have grown bushy and uneven. So i know, you ask why don't you get them waxed? Well I did twice and they grew out even worse so I just stuck to tweezing but tweezing my eyebrows readers, is like painting a picture...has to be even and perfect.

Now that I am 22, I put foundation, fake lashes, (i screwed up my beautiful long lashes with 99 cents mascara for the past 9 years and they are gone. boo.),draw, paint, pluck my brows and the whole 9 yards. It's kind of sad because I really don't know how to put foundation on or blush or any of that. I wasn't really into face makeup just eye make-up I feel like i'm 13 again.

But, my big flaws are my face,the marks on my face, the ADULT ACNE that is eating my face...and the under chin because yeah, that needs to go before june.

But hey, everyone has their flaws now excuse me while i watch a tutorial on youtube on how to put foundation on ;]

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