Monday, April 12, 2010

Fresh Start

It's been a while since i've blogged. 4 months actually. Well here is the deal,

1.) i forgot my password...yes i know, how irresponsible! how could you abandoned your blog like that?! Well ever since i knew how to use the computer, i have used the same password since. Well it's 2010 it's not that easy anymore so i guess i forgot a
bout the extra words/numbers in my password.

2.) It's hard to write about anything anymore. When I was 13 i had a blog but we called it Xanga. Yes, my Xanga is still operating but i need to shut it down because now i have switched to blog
spot! Don't get me wrong I love Xanga, it's my baby, my life, i wrote about EVERYTHING in that blog from when i was having BF trouble to having a baby. On my last posts I talked about how trying to start a blog on Xanga was hard. How do you go from talking about your 13 year old crush to doing a newstory? I felt i needed a change, but my sanctuary was to laugh at myself uncontrollably cause I uze To tYpE lYkE DiZ wEn I wHuZ 14 oBer muH BoYfRaNhh! hahaha but my point is i don't know what to write. Sometimes i'll post something
and save it forever because i think to myself, do these people really care? Why does someone want to hear about my baby daddy drama and cussing out the Unemployment lady? I read all kinds of blogs, funny blogs, sad blogs, inspirational blogs but it makes me think, as a writer, yes i
still consider myself a writer, what can i write about? But i came to the conclusion to just be mys
elf. go ahead and read and criticize it's on! hehe

3.) change. Last year i tried writing and as i said before, i wanted to TRY and be an advocate for single young moms...well Bristol palin and Teen Mom already beat me to that so..i will do it blog form!! haha. Yes, i am still going to TRY and do the sam
e thing but the only way i can do it now is to tell my story and help other if they want the help. People ask me everyday questions about raising a 3-year-old on my own so i decided to do it here on my blog

well that's about it i am back, again and i will be updating alot! But for now, i would like to start

Hello World! my name is Stace G. this is me and my daughter Jazmin Amber.

I am 22 years old and a full time student at the local CC. Since July 2008, I've been work for the School District as...guess?

Yes, you see the apron, the lunch lady. I know sexy right? I was going to quit my job but like always, my amazing boyfriend motivated me to go on. Anyways I love working with kids but my real passion is to be on the radio. I was very undecided but now i am BOUND to be on the radio! I love Art Leboe, Big Boy, Ryan Seacrest (only on the radio not on american idol! Sorry Ryan ;]) Anywho, it's a career i'm trying to make. This blog is just about me and my crazy life. I also love helping people out hopefully
i can do posts that can help people =]. I believe in determination. Lately my thing has been weight. That's everyone's problem in my eyes. I just want to be fit. I am only 5 feet tall but i feel like for being short, i should keep myself on check and not have a big old pansa haha. So my
goal this get like this again.

October 2007-95 lbs.

Goal Weight-95
my goal is to lose at least 10 pounds.
To most people, that sounds stupid. I know your thinking psh 10 pounds? That's it? Your crazy! But for me, it's hard. I have to have a lot of motivation and inspiration to get up and go and that's why I have this little brat who keeps me going and will inspire me<3

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