Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spicy Food Wars

Ever since I was a little girl, I was a very picky eater. No seriously like i would probably choose chicken broth over a salmon dinner. These are the 5 things I won't eat
1. eggs
2. seafood
3. pickles
4. olives
5. fresh jalapenos

And there is WAY more. (I don't even like breakfast and ice cream..i know..WHAT IS WRONG WITHYOU??!?) Well I grew out of my picky eating phase a little bit and started to eat spicy food and then I discovered Jalapenos (the pickled kind.) Ohh how I put jalapenos on EVERYTHING..I loved it, better than curry..and curry's hot!

I'll even eat habanero once in a while but there is one spicy i will NOT eat..EVER..and yes it's number 5 up there..fresh jalapenos. It's wierd, yes, but I have a logical reason why haha..Well in the beginning of August I went to Honolulu, HI. When I saw that there was a jamaican restaurant I was dying to try it. So after i got my burrito, I asked for some jalapenos and he gave me fresh cut jalapenos. Of course I was stumped but I said hey, i'm on vacation i'll eat some. So when we got back to our room i took one teensy (but really stupidly huge) bite of the jalapeno and the late reaction came. Yes, it was hot obviously but it was so hot to the point where it made my whole face numb. Very unenjoyable. So I took it off my spicy list.

But there was a lesson in all this. I know what kind of spicy to eat now. Although I need to lay off on the spicy food, still love it and probably will be eating it all the time..burning the colon each time..