Monday, May 3, 2010

Story Time...Period.

For a few years I was on the shot. I got off it because my ass was not looking fly at all. I decided hey, i'm not having kids anytime soon so why not get off it? Well I got off it and that whole, "your period will come back in a year" thing is bullshit. My period (P.) came 3 months after..womp womp womp.

Ever since then, it's been regular and there but for the last 4 months, cramps came with it and me, i don't do cramps. They make me weak and throw up. The first time I threw up off my P. was embarrassing it was in Washington D.C....let me tell you the story actually!

Once upon a time...

A family from Los Angeles went to wreck havoc in Washington D.C. to meet with Aunt DD!

When I first got my P. I was 13 years old and it came with FULL FORCE. I was sweating, cramping, crying, on the floor it was that bad. It was that bad until happy pills (midol) made them better. In the summer before my 8th grade year, We traveled to D.C. At the time, I wasn't thinking about my P. I was just happy to be out of L.A. for a few weeks so I came with no happy pills, diapers, nothing. Yeah, that's how much it was out of my mind.

One morning, I woke up went to the bathroom, looked, yelled (in a low voice) crap,sh*t,f**k,more profanities and told my mom. She thought I was faking it. Like always. Asked DD for some diapers and I took them. She wanted to take us to the air and space museum so off we went. We went to walk around and eat first and once we got inside, that's when it hit.

I was looking at a fighter plane and all of a sudden, I felt that little hidden pain on my abdomen. I couldn't fight it anymore. I held my stomach and cramped over, literally. I walked away to find a chair, wall anything to curl up because it was THAT BAD. Finally, I was on the floor against a wall in a little ball sweating and crying. My mom gave me water and I drank that water like I was in the desert. DD didn't know what was going on she thought I was dehydrated and I said "oh it's just my period this always happens." Once I got up I felt like my stomach flipped upside down and I asked my Aunt to go with me to the bathroom. We all went and right when I saw the toilet. There it went. All my water, and breakfast in the toilet. in a big (VERY BIG) public restroom at the Smithsonian. I didn't even close the stall door, it came up so fast I just ran and barfed very publicly.

I was so embarrassed everyone just looked at me like I ate poison. DD said in a questioning tone "You throw up because of your menstrual?" I felt like i was the only girl who had this problem I didn't know what to say I just wanted to go home. I walked out of that bathroom like I was defeated or something. She told my cousins and i was so mortified I wanted to run back to L.A. ! Ever since that traumitizing experience I have learned to keep it down...even though it has publicly happened 3 times (when i was sober) but those stories are for later.

My point is, I thought i was the only one with this problem and I actually found out 4 girls I know have the same problem as me! I mean, I met one who threw up over her P. but it was ok, I felt like she was on the same boat as me.

People may have different side effects but no one is alone in this world.