Tuesday, November 24, 2009


These last few days i question on who to trust and who to go to.  It seems that everywhere I go there is always that angry bitter person that takes out their frustrations on me.

I learned to be a fighter and not get into the whole getting you back act.

Aside from that, my boyfriends lovely beautiful niece was telling me about how she felt sick and she was throwing up and all that fun stuff.  I felt bad for her i told her to feel better.

Now i have her virus and now it's HER telling ME to feel better.

I am not looking forward to this Thanksgiving.  I thought i would be me and my boyfriend planned it all well.  Go to his mom's first then my family's go to a friends house and have some fun that was our plan.  But on November 19, 2009 my uncle Eric died.  I wish i had a picture with him, i wish i saw him before he was dying.  I found out like 4 days later what kind of person does that?

This whole week is going to be insane.  Tomorrow is the viewing, then thanksgiving and a funeral on Friday. Uncle Bebe was a great person to me he was so good to me when the rest of my family hated me.  When my mom told me that she saw him last Tuesday, I felt jealous.  I wanted to go and see him and hug him and tell him not to be afraid but i didn't.  I was out doing I don't know what and I am kicking myself for it.

But on a brighter note maybe this week is just a celebration of his life.

So since it isn't new that i put up a post once a week or every two weeks but if i am on leave for a long time..blame the virus

although, i am eating some tomato soup and chips and it is making me feel better.

night internet

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