Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Timer.

For 2 years i have been trying to make a blog, get a blog or even attempt having hasn't worked!  I went on Xanga and put up a blog after my daughter's pregnancy and it didn't work.  I had Xanga when i was in middle school and it seemed too childish for me.  But here it is my first blog and hopefully this one is a keeper.  I love writing I actually want to go into Broadcasting but school, child and work is holding me back fall back is to be a teacher which is what i'm working on now.  I love teaching but man, writing and reporting is something i'm good at!  I'm good at gossiping and i'm good at telling stories and even writing them but due to complications and life, i got back tracked.  I'm roaming like an animal figuring out what to do.

I will be 22 soon and I feel as though i have no set goals or ambitions i'm just going with the flow because from what i learned in the past, forcing yourself to keep steady is not a good idea.  I believe that if you work hard and let yourself just go with the flow it will all come together.

Teaching?  Broadcasting? Teaching Broadcasting? I don't know I guess i will just have to find out sooner or later.

I love blogging and reading other mommy's blogs I always wonder how do they do it?  How do they find strength and more importantly time to do everything?!  I know I sound like a stalker but it keeps me motivated to know that I can be a good mom even if i am 21 with a 3 year-old.  Oh and my Blog name?  I am not Joan Crawford.  Haha.  Although I love her acting..I am nothing like her.  I picked the name mommy dearest because i am very small...well not VERY more like 5'0".  I work hard for my daughter and try to be there for her no matter what and she calls me her "Ma." or "My little mommy."  I feel very dear to her because that is my mini-me but there's also another reason and it's a funny one to me.

So before making this wonderful blog, I dropped her off at her sperm donors house (no, me and the father are not together...let's save this for the next post =]) and i gave him a dirty look and said, "Get her toys, BYE."  And he went "geez ok mommy dearest."  And thus the name was born.  So my blog name is about mostly my daughter and sperm donor referring me to Joan Crawford towards him..which is actually pretty cool.  Haha ok i have to stop.

But this is my new blog, hope you enjoy it!

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