Wednesday, November 18, 2009

keeping it real

So I decided to change the name of my blog.  Why?  Well I started some confusions and ended up thinking I don't want to sound like Joan Crawford even though I LOVE her acting but also, I want to keep it real.  Yes mommy dearest is a good choice but, I want my blog name to be as real as possible.

Mommy Stace.  I would NEVER in my life think that's what people would be calling me now at the age of 21.  I got pregnant at the age of 17 and after a lot thinking I decided to keep the baby.  I thought that after my baby it would be so easy and it would breeze by, I ignored what my family and older friends had said about it being hard.  I didn't care, I just wanted my baby, my own mini-me, how fun that would be!  I had a boyfriend (at the time) saying everything will be okay and I thought my life was so perfect.  Well fast forward 13 months later and I regretted ever thinking or saying that my life would be perfect.

I mean the baby wasn't TOO hard thanks to all the help I had around me but, it was the man who made my baby that made everything go to shit.  He was too young and immature he wanted to "explore" and leave me to be housewife.  Honey, that didn't work.  I am a very strong-minded independent person my philosophy in life is, if you can do it then do it.  You can change diapers?  Do it.  You can cook spaghetti?  Do it.  I don't play the housewife role i'm too strong-minded to do that.

Yes I do laundry, cook, clean ,all that good stuff BUT, if you can do it then do it!  I hated when he would dump things on me and just leave to go do his thing.  I may be lazy but not lazy enough to do MY part.

Although I have a new boyfriend now, I take care of my daughter on my own.  She is my responsibility and duty and I love every minute of it.  I don't want no self-help or pity although I long for a place of my own I struggle and strive to get to my goal no matter what

I just keep it real.

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